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Adult Health

Adult health at White Mountain Community Health center begins with primary care, with an emphasis on prevention. We complement primary health care with programs and services to support adults in many different health situations.

Primary care

As a patient at White Mountain Community Health Center, you will be seen by one of our three nurse practitioners, Cymande Baxter-Rogers, Gregg Rogers or Deborah Cross. They provide comprehensive primary care services, from check-ups to chronic disease management. Our nurse practitioners are supported by a physician who sees patients with complex health issues. Nurses and medical assistants round out our adult primary care staff, assisting patients with issues for which a provider is not necessary.

Nurse practitioners are nurses who have graduate-level degrees and are licensed to be primary care providers (PCPs). We choose to rely primarily on nurse practitioners because their training and nursing background gives them a perspective that matches our philosophy. They are able to take more time listening to and educating patients, and are trained to look for all issues, internal and external, that could affect a person's health.

Our providers refer patients to our other programs and services to address areas of health beyond primary care. They also work to keep their patients' health care affordable by keeping costs in mind when ordering tests and prescribing medication. When patients cannot afford the care they need, our providers work with them to find solutions.

Family planning

Our providers include family planning as part of regular check-ups. You can also schedule an appointment to specifically address family planning issues. Providers assist patients in developing an informed approach to maintaining their personal health and making responsible decisions concerning the planning of their families. Services include birth control, pregnancy testing, and vasectomy counseling and referral. If you have an unintended pregnancy, you can make an appointment with our social worker to talk about your options.

Younger adults are also welcome to take advantage of Teen Clinic, which provides walk-in reproductive health services and support from peers and professionals every Thursday from 2:30 to 5 pm.

If you are having a baby, you can get care during your pregnancy through our prenatal program.

Adult dental

Our adult dental program offers dental hygiene to adults who are registered as a patient, the parent or guardian of a registered patient, and to our staff. Click here to learn more about our adult dental services.

Other programs and services for adult patients

Services available to our patients by referral from providers include mental health counseling, nutrition counseling, smoking cessation and assistance from social workers. Social workers can connect patients with outside programs to address issues such as food security, housing, fuel assistance, domestic violence, and others.

Our patients are also welcome to use services open to the entire community, including DOT physicals, Teen Clinic, and help finding and enrolling in affordable health coverage. If your child has a chronic medical condition such as asthma or diabetes, Partners in Health can help facilitate and enhance your child's care and support you as a family, even if your child is not a patient here. View the full list of available services here.

Paying for adult primary care

Most adult patients should be able to afford coverage through the new Affordable Care Act programs: the Marketplace and the New Hampshire Health Protection Program (expanded Medicaid). If you haven't found a good option, please make a free appointment with one of our Navigators, who can also talk to you about our fee scale. You can also use our sliding fee scale in combination with your insurance to help with high deductibles and copayments.

Our patients also have access to a range of programs and funds to assist with medication, specialty care, and other health-related needs beyond what might be covered by insurance and our sliding fee scale. You can ask your provider about your options, or learn more here.

If you are uninsured and do not qualify for our sliding fee scale, we list the cost of the most common services here.