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Beyond Primary Care

We take a broad approach to health care, knowing that many factors can affect a person's health. Our providers keep an eye out for issues patients may be facing that are outside the scope of traditional primary care, and refer patients to our wrap-around services when appropriate. Patients can also request referrals to these services.

If you aren't a patient here, don't let that stop you from seeking the healthcare you need. Some other practices in the area refer patients to our services, so ask your current provider that is a possibility. If not, it's easy to become a patient here, and at your first appointment with your provider you can talk to them about using our other services.

Nutrition counseling

If you are having nutritional issues or have a health condition affected by diet, your provider may refer you to meet with our dietitian. You can also ask to meet with the dietitian to discuss any nutritional or diet issues. Our dietitian meets with patients of all ages and situations. Nutrition counseling is also provided as a regular part of our prenatal program.

Our dietitian will do an assessment of your current diet, then provide education and counseling as needed to help you achieve a diet that will get you healthy. You may then meet with her periodically, until you and she agree that you are on a good path.

Paying for nutrition counseling

Some insurance policies will cover nutrition counseling, but most will not. Medicaid will pay for nutrition counseling for adult patients with conditions that make nutrition of utmost importance, such as pregnancy or diabetes. children's Medicaid will cover twelve nutrition counseling sessions a year.

If you do not have coverage for nutrition counseling, you can use our sliding fee scale to pay for sessions.

Mental health counseling

Mental health issues are just as relevant to our well-being as physical ailments. Moreover, your mental health can affect your physical health. Recognizing this, we have an in-house mental health counselor who patients can use with a referral from their provider.

Our counselor, Lisa MacAllister, can assist you with issues including depression, anxiety, and other stressors. She will meet with you on a regular basis for up until you and she agree that you are on a healthy path.

Lisa uses cognitive behavioral therapy to treat patients with mental health issues, which helps patients change their thought patterns to stop destructive behaviors and beliefs and replace them with more constructive ways of thinking. Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most common forms of therapy because a considerable amount of scientific data has shown it to be very effective at treating a variety of mental illnesses.

If your mental health needs cannot be addressed by a counselor, and you instead require psychiatric or other services, your provider can refer you to an appropriate local provider.

Paying for mental health counseling

We have a flat fee of $28 for mental health counseling sessions. If this fee is making it difficult for you to access counseling here, please talk with your provider so she can help you find a solution.

Smoking cessation

Patients who smoke can use our smoking cessation program to quit for good. Our social workers use the American Cancer Society's Freshstart program to help patients quit.

Our social worker will meet with you to discuss your motivations for quitting and the hurdles getting in the way, based on your individual situation. Together, you will come up with a plan to quit based on what has worked for people in the past, including additional meetings if needed.

To schedule an appointment, call the front office at 447-8900. You can also talk with your provider about strategies to quit smoking.

Our smoking cessation program is free to patients.

Social workers

Social workers are here to help you address any other issues you may be facing by connecting you with support services and being your advocate. These may include food or housing security, fuel assistance, family issues, disability issues, or anything else that is getting in the way of your health and well-being. Our social works can also support you in applying for health coverage through programs outside the realm of the Affordable Care Act, such as children's Medicaid.

Our social worker is Sarah Wright. Sarah supports the prenatal program, and focuses on adult and pediatric primary care patients. Your provider may refer you to a social worker if they see that you or your child are facing a situation a social worker could assist you with. You can also ask to make an appointment with a social worker on your own.

Social work appointments are free of charge.