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Children's Health

Children's health at White Mountain Community Health Center begins with pediatric primary care and dental care, with an emphasis on prevention and patient education. We complement these with programs and services to support children and their families in many different health situations.

Primary care

Children at White Mountain Community Health Center are seen by our pediatric nurse practitioner, Cymande Baxter-Rogers. Cymande provides comprehensive primary care services for her patients from birth through puberty and the teenaged years. Depending on the situation, your child may also be seen by Caitlin Behr, our pediatric nurse, Debbie Cross, our family practice nurse practitioner, or our physician. You will also meet Sarah Wright, our pediatric social worker, who screens children for developmental delays as part of their regular checkups and provides other support for our pediatric program.

Nurse practitioners are nurses who have graduate-level degrees and are licensed to be primary care providers (PCPs). We choose to rely primarily on nurse practitioners because their training and nursing background gives them a perspective that matches our philosophy. They are able to take more time listening to and educating patients, and are trained to look for all issues, internal and external, that could affect a person's health. This intuitive approach is especially important in caring for children, who may not be able to clearly explain their symptoms.

Cymande often refers her patients and their families to our other programs and services to address areas of health beyond primary care. She also works with families to keep her patients' health care affordable.

Children's dental

Our children's dental program treats children from the time their first tooth comes in until they turn 21. Your child does not need to be a primary care patient here to receive dental services. Click here to learn more about our children's dental services.

Partners in Health

If your child has a chronic health condition, such as asthma or diabetes, Partners in Health can help facilitate and enhance your child's care and support you as a family. Click here to learn more about Partners in Health.

Other programs and services

We have a number of programs and services to support our pediatric patients and their families. Your child's provider may refer him or her to our nutritionist, mental health counselor, or social worker, depending on your situation.

Our patients are also welcome to use services open to the entire community. These include Teen Clinic and navigators who can help you find and enroll in affordable health insurance.

Paying for children's health care

Most children in this area qualify for free health coverage through children's Medicaid programs in New Hampshire and Maine. If your child isn't covered, you can meet with one of our social workers, who can help you apply for these programs, or apply on your own online: click here for New Hampshire, and here for Maine.

If you make too much to qualify for children's Medicaid, or if you or other adults don't have coverage, our Navigators can help you find coverage for the whole family. You can always use our sliding fee scale, but we hope our patients will explore options for complete coverage through Medicaid and other programs. The sliding fee scale can be combined with insurance to help with high deductibles and copayments.

If your child is uninsured and you do not qualify for our sliding fee scale, we list the cost of the most common services here.