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Cost of Services

"How much will this cost?" is an obvious question to ask about something you're going to pay for, but when it comes to health care it can be hard to get a definitive answer. When you go into your appointment with a health problem, the cost depends on the decisions you and your provider agree upon for your care. And an appointment's cost can vary widely depending on your health coverage type and plan, even if the same services are performed.

For our patients, the cost depends on your health insurance coverage or fee scale level:

    • Patients with Medicaid do not pay anything for covered services.
    • Patients with insurance may pay nothing, or may pay almost the full billed cost, depending on the type of service, plan benefits, the rate the insurance company has negotiated for that service, and whether they've met their deductible or out-of-pocket limit for the year.
    • Uninsured patients and insured patients with deductibles may qualify for our sliding fee scale, which lowers costs significantly. Learn about our sliding fee scale here.

If you need help understanding your health coverage and what it means for your medical costs, you can make an appointment with a navigator by calling the front desk at 447-8900 and pressing 1. You can also email them questions at edyson@whitemountainhealth.org. Navigators can also help you explore your options for making your health care more affordable, and help adults sign up for Medicaid and health insurance. Learn more about our Navigator program here.

Listed below are the costs for the most common services we offer. If you have a question about the cost of a service not listed here, or want an estimate for an upcoming appointment, please call our front desk at 447-8900. We can also try to track down what your insurance company may charge you for this service, and connect you with programs that can help pay for your medical care if any of these costs are prohibitive.

There is a minimum $10 fee per visit for uninsured patients. If this fee presents a barrier to you receiving health care, please talk to us. Family planning services are exempt from the minimum fee.


Service Full price With 15% discount With sliding fee scale
New patients      
Physical (price depends on age) $193 - $264 $164 - $224 $10 - $211
Sick visit (price depends on length and complexity of visit) $79 - $312 $67 - $265 $10 - $249
Existing patient      
Physical (price depends on age) $158 - $224 $135 - $191 $10 - $180
Sick visit (price depends on length and complexity of visit) $40 - $219 $34 - $186 $10 - $175
Lab tests (in-house)
A1C $40 $34  
Blood draw $13 $11*  
Finger/ear/heel stick $9* $8*  
Glucose $26 $22  
Hemoccult, per test $9* $8*  
Hemoglobin 11* $9*  
HIV rapid test $72 $61  
Pregnancy test, urine $40 $34  
Rapid strep $24 $20  
TB test/Mantoux $28 $24  
Urine drip/urinalysis $13 $11*  
Dental services      
Cleaning (price depends on age) $45 - $98 - $9 - $64
Exam (price depends on age) $47 - $85 - $10 - $55
X-ray (price depends on age) $26 - $137 - $10 - $89
Panoramic x-ray $121 - $24 - $79
Filling (price depends on type and quantity) $154 - $373 - $24 - $75
Fluoride treatment $25 - $5 - $16

*Cost of service when part of a routine, follow-up, or problem visit with a provider; a $10 flat fee will be charged if performed as a standalone service.