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Prenatal Care

We provide all-inclusive prenatal services in a comfortable, friendly environment. Our prenatal team includes three nurse midwives, a medical assistant, a nutritionist, and a social worker, who make it their business to ensure that you have the support you need from the first weeks of pregnancy through delivery and postpartum care.

When you know you're pregnant, call the office to make your first appointment with Sarah Wright, our prenatal social worker. She'll give you an overview of what to expect during the course of your pregnancy and discuss any concerns you have. Sarah will be your ally throughout your pregnancy, working with you to resolve any issues that come up, from health insurance to family situations to transportation issues and beyond.

You'll meet with our three certified nurse midwives regularly throughout your pregnancy. We chose to work with nurse midwives because they're able to spend more time getting to know you and providing support beyond the strictly medical, and because nurse midwives help you through labor as well as delivery, all of which can lead to better outcomes. Your prenatal care will also include at least three visits with our nutritionist, and optional childbirth classes at Memorial Hospital.

When your labor comes, you'll be admitted to Memorial Hospital's Family Birthing Center where one of our nurse midwives will meet you to help you through labor and delivery. After delivery, you'll have a couple more visits at the health center to ensure your recovery and discuss care for your new baby. You can also take advantage of a free breastfeeding support group offered at Memorial Hospital.

Other programs and services for prenatal patients

Services available to our patients by referral from providers include mental health counseling, nutrition counseling, and smoking cessation. Our patients are also welcome to use services open to the entire community, including DOT physicals, Teen Clinic, and help finding and enrolling in affordable health coverage. View the full list of available services here.

Both you and your child can get primary care at White Mountain Community Health Center through our children's health and adult health programs. If your child has a chronic medical condition such as a cleft lip, asthma or diabetes, Partners In Health can help facilitate and enhance your child's care and support you as a family, even if your child is not a patient here.

Paying for prenatal care

When you meet with Sarah for your first visit, she'll help you come up with a plan to pay for prenatal care if it's an issue. Many patients are eligible for Medical Coverage for Pregnant Women through the Medicaid program, which has different eligibility rules than standard Medicaid, and Sarah can help you apply for this program. If you are not eligible, you can meet with one of our Navigators to find other options for affordable coverage. And you can always take advantage of our sliding fee scale, even if you have health insurance.